Note what Chris and Martin are wearing

A Creature Power suit is a suit that allows Martin and Chris acess to creature powers.These suits were created by Aviva. Martin's power suit is blue and Chris's is green.

The Creature Power Suits are designed to activate when Martin/Chris physically touches an animal with the disc containing the power suit discs. They then activate by Martin/Chris saying, "Activate Creature Power Suits!"

The buttons are designed to look like paws, a common symbol for the animal kingdom. When the suits are activated, the sole of the paw shows a symbol of the animal,much like the ones on the Creature Power Discs. As shown on multiple episodes, each little "finger" activates a unique feature to the suits inspired by the specific animal the Kratt brothers touched.

The suits are rather fragile and can sometimes malfunction, as shown on some episodes. In Ker-Honk, the suits would not turn off because of mud stuck in the hardware system. In Tazzy Chris, Chris's suit malfunctioned when a Tasmanian devil bit the activation button, causing Chris to uncontrollably go back and forth between full human and half-Tasmanian devil. On Honey Seekers, Chris's honey badger suit malfunctioned when Chef Gaston Gourmand threw some of his dough onto the activation button. Aviva aparrently did not food-proof the honey badger Power Disc and Chris could not activate the honey badger powers..

The power suits seem to have a rather mutation effect on other animals, as shown in the episode Octopus Wildkratticus.