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chris kratt with t-bone


Chris is the younger of the two Kratt brothers and seems to be the more focused of the two. He doesn't mind having a little fun along the way. Chris seems a little smarter than his brother, Martin Kratt. He's not too scared of dangerous animals and hazards. He shares this personality with his brother. While he is focused and serious, he is often relaxed and jokes around.


Chris is about five feet tall with dark, messy, brown hair. He loves the color green and has brown eyes to match his messy hair. His skin seems to be tan.


  • Aviva : Chris looks to Aviva for help with the missions. Chris likes Aviva, and they are very good friends. Although she was not in the brothers' previous show, "Zoboomafoo," meaning that she is a new character to the brothers' time line.

  • Martin : The eldest of the two brothers. Chris and his brother are very strongly bonded. They always seek each other for help in any situations.

  • Koki : Another new character to the brothers' time line. Chris also looks to Koki for help with tracking destinations or looking for coordinates. She seems to be a big help to the Kratts crew as well as Aviva.

  • Jimmy Z. : Jimmy Z. is the laziest person in the Kratts crew. Despite this, he still helps out his friends with teleportation and many more things. His biggest love in the world would most likely be video games.


Chris's first show debuted in 1994 when he and his brother hosted a show called "Kratts Creatures". He then hosted another show: "Zoboomafoo". His latest and current show is "Wild Kratts".