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aviva when she was little. maybe 8

full body pic of aviva


Aviva is the tech savy gizmo of the team. She is an inventor/scientest who can also speak spanish. She builds countless machinaries to aid Chris and Martin on thier creature adventures. Most of her creations are creature/nature inspired. Her friends include Martin, Chris,

Koki, and JimmyZ. Her main rival is Zach who always claims he is better than Aviva. Aviva is a heart-warming animal loving person.


Aviva is a a kind and smart girl who is always finding a way to help creatures. She loves science/engineering and nature. She sometimes gives it to be emotional at moments when she is making decisons about herself, her work, and even animals. Is confiedent, intelligent, fashionable, loving, caring, sweet, kind, and helpful. May have strict attitude at times but is mostly calm. Is very helpful to her friends and aids them whenever they need it. It is also quite possible she has a crush on one of the Kratt brothers. Overall, Aviva is a nice and loving person.


Aviva has dark brown hair with light brown streaks on her bangs and ponytail thus, usually keeps her hair in a low ponytail. Wears a yellow jacket with blue streaks on each sleeve. Her jacket also has a turtle neck and pockets, always keeps her zipper zipped a bit above her stomach. She wears a gray shirt under her jacket. Has a black belt with silver points and buckle in the center of it. She wears blue jeans that go all the way down her legs to the beggining of her shoes that end in small hoops. She always wears navy shoes with white laces. She also has a yellow attachment with skates on them so she get around the Tortuga quickly.


Martin Kratt: A good and helpful to Aviva.

Chris Kratt: A smart and kind friend who is willing to help her around at times. 

Koki: One of Aviva's bestest friends around.

JimmyZ: A kind friend who gives advice to her.


(Note that almost all off Aviva's beloningings are shared with the rest of the team)               

  • Tortuga (with teamates)
  • Cheetah Racer
  • Buzz Bike
  • Creature Power Suites
  • Creature Power Discs(ownes with Martin and Chris)
  • Octopod
  • Buzz Bikes
  • The Createra VX